Write a reflection about your anticipated nursing or health care practice.

CNA157: Responding to Diversity- Nursing Reflective Writing AssignmentQuestion:In this task you will write a reflection about your anticipated nursing or health care practice. Choose a group that interests you from the diversity of ethnicities, religions, genders, sexualities and abilities in the Australian population.Your reflection is a response to the question:How can I provide culturally safe health care to patients who belong to my chosen diverse group?There are four required components to your reflection:Identify some of the barriers to health care access and good care experienced by your chosen group.Reflect on your attitudes, values and beliefs about your chosen group, and assess the impact (both positive and negative) of your attitudes on your anticipated health care practice with your chosen group.Describe some culturally safe health care practices you might undertake with individual patients who belong to your chosen group.Outline how you could be a nurse or health service provider advocate for your chosen group and contribute towards improved health outcomes for your chosen group at a population level.Reflective writing should demonstrate critical reading and thinking skills. The use of ‘I’ is expected in this assessment task (‘I think, I do not agree, I agree’, etc).You are expected to undertake research beyond the unit materials, and use a range of books and journal articles. A recommended list that provides a useful starting point can be found at the end of this unit outline. You are required to support your practice reflection with a minimum of 6 scholarly references.Assessment criteria:Clearly addresses each component of the taskEvidence of in-depth engagement with appropriate academic literature and other resources, using a minimum of 6 scholarly references.Demonstrates skills in critical thinking and reflectionAdheres to presentation conventions (legibility, spelling, punctuation, grammar and referencing).

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