Write an analytical research report based on one of the suggested topics listed inContent/WEEK 8 OR a field-related topic of your choice.

OMM 3080-63 Research Report (20%) Due July 19, 11:59 p.m.
Your report must include the following sections:

  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents and List of Figures (both on one page)
  • Introduction (on a separate page)
  • Findings and Analysis (you can structure the sections and subsections in different ways, depending on
    aspects of the topic; include at least 1 graphic element)
  • Conclusion and Recommendations (may start on a new page)
  • References (on a separate page, alphabetical order, APA format)
  • Write an analytical research report based on one of the suggested topics listed in
    Content/WEEK 8 OR a field-related topic of your choice.
  • Use at least 3 research sources, and make sure that at least 1 is peer-reviewed. Select
    sophisticated and trustworthy sources that will impress and persuade your readers.
  • If you choose your own field-related topic, run it by me for approval and if necessary, to discuss
    how to narrow it down (email me by June 28)
  • The text/research itself: at least 3 pages (for a student working individually), Times New Roman,
    Arial, or Calibri 12, single-spaced, block format (throughout the text of the report), APA format only
    for in-text citations (quotations, etc.) and Reference List.
  • The other required components: 3 pages (Title, Table of Contents/List of Figures, and References)
    If you work in teams:
  • add 1-2 pages per additional student to the length of the report. The added number of pages is
    relatively low because the addition would mostly consist of content added to the body section and to the
    recommendations – the Report would still have just one Title Page, one Table of Contents, etc.
  • add at least 1 peer-reviewed source per additional student (2 students = 4 sources minimum, 2 peerreviewed; 3 students = 5 sources minimum, 3 peer-reviewed; 4 students = 6 sources minimum, 4 peerreviewed).
    Please email me to inform me: 1) of your chosen topic and 2) whether you intend to work in pairs/teams
    by June 28.
    Everyone should settle on a topic as soon as possible, so that you can start searching relevant research sources
    in Weeks 8-9. Discussing or confirming your topic with me is an essential first step in the research process in
    order to ensure that
  • your topic is of an appropriate level of sophistication and complexity for the scenario (not
    something basic that the readers would already know/ could easily find through a few Google searches);
  • your report is sufficiently focused on a specific area of your field of studies;
  • the topic is narrowed down enough so that it can be effectively covered in a report of this size.
    Make the topic specific enough and write the reportfrom the perspective of a professional in your
    fieldand for a specific audience. Generic, vague, and unprofessional reports will receive low grades.
  • See Length and Format Requirements at the start of this document.
  • See Required Components at the start of this document.
  • Use the general guidelines for reports as presented in the lectures.
  • Feel free to make up any information (names, titles, etc.) you need to complete the assignment.
    However, you will have to pretend to be working for a London-based (or another Canadian workplace)
    restaurant, hotel, clinic, etc. In addition, your research must be real (do not make up data; instead, look
    for relevant data by performing adequate research).
  • Research requirements: use at least 3 sources; at least 1 of the 3 must be peer-reviewed, but the more
    peer-reviewed sources you can include, the better. Sources such as blogs, vendors’ websites, etc. can be
    used, if needed, in addition to the three sources required. However, such sources do not count towards
    your quota. (If you work in groups, you need more sources – see the option for TEAMS above).
  • All the sources you used should be referenced appropriately within the text of your report. They should
    also be listed on your References page(s). Use the APA format consistently, in your report, for
    references, citations, etc. (we’ll discuss in Week 9/Reports II)
  • Quote, paraphrase, and/or summarize material from each source at least once within the body of the
    report. Use signal phrases and parenthetical references each time.
  • Use graphic highlighting as necessary (headings, lists, visuals such as graphs, tables, pictures, etc.). You
    are required to use at least one relevant visual component (graph, table, picture, etc.). You can create it
    or borrow it from a source. If you borrow it from a source, reference it properly. Introduce your visuals
    as instructed in the lecture Document Design for Reports. (Reports III, Week 10)
  • Apply all the principles of effective professional communication learned in this course so far.
  • Edit your text carefully to eliminate stylistic problems such as wordiness, vagueness, informal writing,
    subjective writing, etc.
  • Edit your text carefully to eliminate any punctuation, grammar, word choice, and spelling errors.
    As this is a communications course, all assignments will be graded on content, organization, tone, style, and
    correctness. In addition, since this is a research assignment, your choice and use of sources will account for a
    large portion of the grade. The Research Report can be submitted for up to 5 days after the due date, with late
    penalties of 5% per day.
  • A rubric for this assignment will be available in the corresponding Submission folder on the day it
    opens for submissions
    Submit your file in .doc, .docx, or pdf format, so that it can be processed through turnitin.com and so that I can
    open it on my office computer.
    1.) Compose workplace documents including emails, letters, and a research report;
    2.) Analyze an audience and tailor a message to that audience (objective/subjective writing, persuasive writing,
    internal/external audience);
    3.) Apply principles of grammar, punctuation, and editing appropriate to professional writing;
    4.) Prepare documents according to basic principles of formatting and visual communication in various written
    5.) Demonstrate critical thinking skills in reading, writing, and discussion;
    7.) Employ research skills including locating, selecting, evaluating, and documenting source materials.