write me a four-section reflection on how….

write me a four-section reflection on how….. At the end of this week’s discussion and writing, please write me a four-section reflection on how the week has gone for you. Here are three criteria of success:Use a visually clear layout, for example, contrasting type styles sans—serif and serif—for headings and body text. Please note that using the same size of type in a sans serif typeface (such as Arial) produces a slightly larger size for your headings than your body text.State your main point in your opening paragraph, followed by a SWOC blueprint (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Challenges). Please see the prompts listed below for guidance.Keeping in mind that we’re practicing workplace writing in this course, aim for a concise document. Within each of your four main sections, however, use as many paragraphs as you have points to make. Use these paragraph breaks to reveal slight shifts in topic—that is, make only one point in each paragraph.Here’s a sample Week 2 SWOC debriefing from a previous section of the course.  Here are prompts to help you think concretely about the week:What strengths have you discovered in your ability towrite Plain Language, as described by The Center for Plain Language?lay out your writing in an inviting way?place your main point early in the message? What weaknesses, if any, have you discovered in the above three areas?What opportunities do you see in your other coursework or in your workplace writing to apply what you’ve learned aboutPlain Language?an inviting layout?placing your main point in your subject line and early in your first paragraph?What challenges, from your environment or from yourself, might make using what we’ve worked on this week difficult?write me a four-section reflection on how….