Writing Assignment for Workforce Performance and Talent Management class

Assignment:Select an individual to interview in your workplace training experience or someone you know in a workplace training experience and provide a summary of the interview. In a 4 – 6 page report, address the following questions: Why did you select this individual to interview, what is their job title and how long have they been in the role?In the interviewee’s opinion, why was the training conducted?Did the interview feel the training contained clear objectives, were these shared with participants?Was the interviewee’s supervisor included in the training? Why or why not?What was the interviewee’s initial feeling when notified of the training?Does the interviewee feel there were changes in attitude, performance, or behavior by them or their co-workers (if applicable) as a result of the training?Was there any follow up by the training facilitator or supervisor in the weeks or months following the training?Does the interviewee feel additional training is needed?Keep in mind that your report should be free from spelling and grammar errors.

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