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  Please LISTEN TO THE AUDIO on each slide: HS 1901 How to Complete your Contract.pptx Download HS 1901 How to Complete your Contract.pptxPrerequisite: You MUST wait until I’ve approved your SMART goal (determined if you receive points on the SMART goal) before submitting this contract.Directions:Complete this entire Behavior Change Project contract. Save it,  and then submit to this assignment link. Contract Tips:The dates for Short Term Goals leading up to your SMART goal (requested at the end of the contract) areShort Term Goal 1 = Sept. 20 – October 3, 2021Short Term Goal 2 = October 4 – October 24, 2021Short Term Goal 3 = October 25 – November 7, 2021Need ideas on resources for contract?Locate the chapter in our text that is applicable to your goal and find a list of websites at the end or using the online source. Be sure to list a specific article website link – not just the main website address.Check out the Where to Get Help link at the top of our Home page. Inside that link, you will find a list of TWU campus services that may serve as a community or school resource.Ask me! Make Rewards Worth Working For! Make sure your rewards will inspire you when you are sick of working toward your goal. A feeling of accomplishment is nice; however, something tangible proves more enticing when it comes to goals! Also, make it something you wouldn’t normally allow yourself – a true treat. Finally, make sure rewards are consistent with your behavior change. For example, if you choose to sleep more, do not reward yourself with an all night Netflix binge.