You need to write a short (3 page) response to ONE of the questions provided by ONE of the guestspeakers.

INST 1100
Response paper: General Instructions
You need to write a short (3 page) response to ONE of the questions provided by ONE of the guest
Paper requirements
Your paper should include direct references to the lecture’s content and material from least two additional
sources. Your argument in the essay requires acceptable, relevant and adequate evidence. Without good
research you will not have a successful paper. To meet these standards you need a to use a minimum of two
sources in the essay, of which at least one must be an academic source, while the other one can be from
popular magazines, newspapers or websites. Textbooks and encyclopedias (physical or web based) are not
suitable sources and cannot be used in this assignment. This also means that you should not be using
Wikipedia as a source. You should retain your rough draft of the paper as well as any notes made in
preparation to writing the essay. You may be asked to bring such documents to a meeting with me if
questions arise around your use of Chat GPT or other AI programs including paraphrasing tools.
Your paper should have a title page with your name and the speaker’s name.
The essay should be 1000 (approximately 3-4 pages) in length. The page and word count does not citations
or the bibliography, which will be very important elements in the evaluation of your paper. The essay must
be word processed and should follow the standard political science style and writing guidelines as outlined
in class.
Citations should follow the CPSA (or APSA) author date format or Chicago style author date format. You can
find a simple guide to this format at: The format for the reference list entry (or works cited entry) using the Chicago or APSA style
is explained in the same manual of style.
Submission Requirements
Students will be required to submit the essay to a plagiarism detection service. Students may
not submit essays via email without prior consent. Students should make a photocopy of their essay, which
can be submitted if their original essay is lost.
Plagiarism and Cheating
Academic honesty is very important and the failure to follow the Douglas College policy on academic integrity
will be treated seriously. It is essential in meeting the requirements of academic honesty that you cite all
sources for quotations, paraphrases, background information, major ideas, or statistical information. You
need to indicate direct quotes through the use of quotation marks. The College policy is available at